Student Blogging Challenge Week 1 ♥

Hi Everyone!
This term I will be participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. This is a challenge that is open to class blogs, and individual blogs. Anyone with a blog can participate, it is for all ages and you can be from anywhere in the world to join.


It is made up of 10 weekly tasks which are all to improve blogging and commenting skills while connecting students with a global audience. Find out more information at


This week the challenge is to describe how we are different or the same in the online world and real life.


I am not that different online than I really am in real life. I am still very enthusiastic and open to new ideas in real life. Online, I usually am a bit more formal than I am in real life, also online you can not see my terrible habit which I have of using the world ‘like’ in pretty much every single sentence (it drives my parents mad!). In real life I am also a lot more silly and wacky than I seem online.


Although, I really don’t post anything false or which doesn’t match up with me for what is the point? I think it is really important to express yourself fully in your blog. There is no good in posting fake information about you because in the end no one will really know what your really like.


I added an avatar this week. An avatar is a little personalized picture next to the text whenever you comment on someone else’s blog. Everyone has their own avatar for people to recognise them with. Avatars are a little insight into you and you can make them whatever you choose.


This is my avatar:



This avatar represents me because firstly, I love my flat cap which is actually navy blue, but black is close enough. The flower represents growth and experience for I am growing and learning and experiencing new things everyday. In real life my hair is brown and my eyes are blue and my ears are pierced. My mouth is happy and big because it shows my craziness and my joy in life!


I love anime and I did drawing anime as a big project in term two for I think anime are really cute and pretty! They are so cool!


I have written some new information on my about me page so you can go and have a look!

– Sophie ♥

2 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Week 1 ♥

  1. I can’t wait to watch how you continue to express yourself through your blog Sophie, but also to see you blossom (like the flower in your avatar) as you embark on your final term of Year 6.
    Work hard……..and Happy Blogging 🙂

    Mrs W

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