A New Chapter ♥

Dear Blog Readers,


Today is my last day of year 6. Time seems to have flied by so quickly that it seemed like just yesterday that I walked into the year 6 classrooms, excited and amazed at all the new things I was seeing. I still remember opening up the letters from the 2014 year 6 group and reading all their advice about year 6.


Now we have written our letters to 2016 year 6.


Year 6 was a year full of surprises, fun, and realisation. I am now noticing things I never noticed before. I have seen an incredible change in people’s changing personalities, some good in my opinion and some bad. My friends have changed and I feel like a different person altogether. My perspective of things have changed and I seem to be taking a different path.


I have had many fun camps and moments with my best friends and I can’t believe we are almost in high school. I have read so many books about high school, and it just seems like a fantasy I will never experience.


I have no idea how I will survive the first week of high school, for the whole concept is new to me and I don’t know my way around the senior school.


It is comforting that most of my friends are still coming with me though. I don’t know what I would do without them with me to sort out the problems of starting year 7.


In my all well testing, I think I did pretty well so I will be in reasonable classes in my opinion. I am going to try really hard to do well.


Going into high school seems really scary and nerve-racking, but I will get through it confidently. My excitement is very high, for I can’t wait to make new friends.


Although, I won’t be blogging as much for I will be very busy in the first term of school. Although, the holidays are coming up and I will try to blog lots then.



Year 6 has been a memorable year, but soon it will be time to turn a new page in my life with the heading ‘high school’ and make my story as amazing as I can.


Maybe year 7 won’t be so bad after all.

Lot’s of love.


One thought on “A New Chapter ♥

  1. Great post Sophie.
    Congratulations on finishing Year 6, I’m proud of you. I’m sure Year 7 will be yet another great experience for you.

    Dad xxx

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